In mid-August 2015, I posted a half-finished painting on Instagram of an idea for a back tattoo. The idea was for an Oseberg style knotwork on a lady’s back standing in front of a lake. I posted in the hope that someone would be inspired to get the tattoo done by me. The fates were smiling on me because Jitske from Belgium did just that! She loved the concept and came to see me when I lived in Spain to start the project.

After a good few hard days of nothing but dotwork (there are no solid lines in this piece) the design was complete. The final design included her original tattoo by an unknown artist. Whilst the outcome was a little bigger and more complex than the image in my painting, I was so pleased to have executed such an extensive piece on an amazing person. The knotwork is inspired by the carvings on the prow of the Oseberg ship. Whilst I don’t pretend to be a master of the extremely fluid ancient style, I have interpreted the knotwork style many times over. Nonetheless, I always try to make it unique when I freestyle the design.

I couldn’t have asked for a better individual to work with on this project; Jiske is both patient and understanding with my bizarre designing methods.



Thnx Sean! For the beautiful tattoo (my personal armor ), the touch up, bindrune, shirt, balance, everything. Thank you so much!

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28th July 2017 | Machine, Norse, Sean