Denise Ganuza is a tattooist from Argentina who travelled over to visit Sacred Knot this summer (2017). As an artist herself she had very specific ideas on the placement and content of the design. I like nothing more when tattooing somebody for the design to have great meaning behind it. It’s always a great honour to get to tattoo a fellow artist as there is so much trust involved, yet I always aim to achieve the most of how the tattoo and the experience can turn out.

The Design

The Nordic Goddess Freya is the centrepiece of the design, with her body morphing into Aurochs bullhead. Freya’s arms drift off into long tendrils of knotwork to symbolise the falcon cloak she possesses in the myths. The runes on the neck are depicted in the Elder Futhark, a Germanic rune based writing system. Although these runes predate the Viking Age by at least 500 years, we used them as they are more easily accessible to convert modern texts into and the design has no centre of timekeeping in its style. Instead, it is aimed to honour the ancient beliefs and power of Nordic mythology and art.

The whole design was drawn up in one go and marked in with dotwork. Over almost four days, I worked over her chest like a printer to complete the design purely in dotwork. This was to make the process as comfortable as possible and for the aesthetic outcome. We did this by machine as time was not on our side but it was intended to mirror how it would look if it was handpoked. This is to mirror how Viking tattoos may have looked 1200 years ago.

It was an honour to tattoo you Denise, I hope we can meet again in the near future and continue this piece. You can check out her work here. She is awesome at doing comic book style, full-colour tattooing as well as traditional Nordic artwork.

Thank you 🙂

I leave Manchester more than happy... with a dream fulfilled that I longed for, to wear a tattoo so deep and spiritual for me made by Sean Parry. Thank u <3

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28th July 2017 | Machine, Norse, Sean